Step fully into your power, purpose and passion using just your voice!

Voice Alchemy is a transformative, 14-day healing experience designed to help you speak with confidence, captivate your ideal audiences and unlock the power of your true voice within.

If you’re ready to learn how to speak withe more confidence, attract use yor voice to attract golden opportunities, and manifest your dream life—I'm ready for you!

Any of this sound like you...?

  • You feel SO nervous giving presentations or speaking up for yourself at work, but allow fear to stop you from being able to speak and clearly communicate.
  • Or maybe you’ve been talking about starting a podcast, and you’ve heard that how you speak can attract and engage your listeners... but you doubt whether you are good enough.
  • You are an AMAZING coach, but struggle with the confidence to attract clients & get transformative results... You have the skills and techniques, but you want to feel more confident and sure of yourself.
  • You’ve found some vocal training videos to speak & sing better... but either they’re unstructured, or you just can’t stay consistent with it.
  • You know you should be better at public speaking... but you’re not so sure if people will think what you have to say matters– even though you are an expert on the topic.

When I ask my clients & subscribers what their main goal is, I get answers like...

Now, the type of success people want varies from overcoming shyness to making more money.

But the sentiment is the same. People want to speak with confidence... and they want live in their truth and power.

And if you’re reading this, I have a hunch that you’re on the same page.

Well, allow me to share a little secret...

Whether a professional, creator or vocal artist, your voice is your biggest asset.

Trust me – I went from losing a relationship and job where I didn't feel seen or heard... confidently sharing my ideas, taking charge in my new job and launching a successful blog and YouTube channel.

(And it wasn’t because I’m any smarter, more experienced, or harder working than you!)

I was finally able to speak with confidence because I learned a system to...

improve my vocal toning...

...clear emotional and psychological blockages...

...and manifest my dream life.

I’ll share more about my story in a bit – but first...

I want to get an idea of where you’re at right now.

  • ...Finally nailing that big presentation to a dream client and feeling confident you won them over.
  • ...No longer feeling like you’re sharing ideas that get ignored at meetings...because now you speak with confidence and authority.
  • ...No more struggling with speaking your truth – and instead being able to express your needs to your partner and colleagues clearly...every time.
  • ...Getting heartfelt responses to the speech you gave from people who are obsessed with your message to the world.
  • ...Seeing notifications on your phone for new YouTube subcribers that came in from a video you posted.

The Voice Alchemy course helped me so much! At first, I did not see how it would all come together. With each module, I started to gain self-awareness of how I presented myself as I practiced everyday. This helped me be more intentional about showing up confidently and authentically.

Before I did my presentation today, I did my voice exercises and tapping. It was amazing and I wasn't nervous! I got so many compliments about how much they enjoyed my speech, and how I appeared more confident and passionate than ever before. Thank you!!!"

Holistic Nutritionist

At this point, you might be wondering...

“But what about ‘going to meetups’ or ‘fake it till you make it’? Can’t I grow my confidence there instead of working on my voice?”

Not-So-Harsh Truth Dear Soul:
Meetups and faking it don’t address the root cause of your insecurity.

Even if you meet new people at events, unless you know your worth, you won’t make true, deep connections and you’ll end up overanalyzing and being hard on yourself when you get home.

Trying to ‘fake it till you make it’ can lead to feelings of inauthenticity, making it harder for you to reach the level of personal growth you seek.

But with a strong voice you reclaim your POWER! And that power can’t be taken away.

Of everything you could be focusing on in your life and biz, your voice gives you the most joy, power and freedom.

And instead of feeling unsure or awkward each time you speak, you can tap into you inner worth and self-love at any time (and show up for yourself, even on the really hard days when your mind is the loudest).

(I also firmly believe that healing your throat physically, mechanically and energetically is endlessly more impactful than a 10 minute conversation at a meetup.)


A transformative, 14-day system for professionals and online creators who want to speak with confidence, captivate their audiences and unlock the power of their true voice within.

In Voice Alchemy, you’ll get the exact physical, energetic and mechanical strategies I’ve used and steps I’ve taken to attract a dream job and launch a successful podcast and Youtube channel.

"I had lots of 'ah-ha' moments and mindset shifts during the course. It has lots of practical examples and challenges that push you out of your comfort zone.... It gave me the confidence to finally launch my podcast and be more present on social media."

Here’s what I’m teaching you during your 14 days in Voice Alchemy:

Strengthen Your Vocal Cords

You’ll learn the anatomy of your vocal cords, HOW they work and WHY vocal cord training is so important. You’ll also do exercises that strengthen muscles, expand your vocal range, and refine areas of vocal control for more expressive speaking and singing.

Heal Your Throat Chakra

You'll also connect to your voice and release emotional or psychological barriers hindering open communication and self-expression. You’ll do energetics and sacred mirror work to convey your thoughts, emotions, and ideas with clarity and increased vocal resonance.

Manifest With Your Aligned Voice

And get this. You’ll also learn how to remove conditioning and identify trauma for better expressing yourself in full alignment with your Human Design. This series of exercises will allow you to step into your voice so you can manifest the life you want and deserve.

Hang on.

Allow me to bring something to your attention.

Yep, you’re about to learn A LOT through Voice Alchemy.

But don't worry... I won't just give you the material and leave you to figure it out on your own.

Nope. Remember...

I’m giving it to you as a step-by-step DAILY SYSTEM.

Which means I’ve got the entire path laid out for what you need to do, in what order, day-by-day. It’s the opposite of overwhelming. It’s meant to be EASY and even FUN.

And if you’re concerned you can’t keep up with the 14-day schedule? No worries!

Once you join Voice Alchemy, you get lifetime access to all of the course materials – which means you can go at your own pace, or take a break and come back to it when you’re ready.


Yup, you’ll get these, too.


The Voice Alchemy Workbook

($49 Value)

With The Voice Alchemy bonus workbook you’ll get total step-by-step guided support to help you each day on your amazing voice transformation journey. Each page is thoughtfully created to align with the course activities and prompts so you can dive deeper into your own inner world and reclaim the power of your voice.


Voice Alchemy EFT Tapping Collection

($199 Value)

Did you know EFT has been shown to help release emotional blockages and reduce anxiety, which can positively impact vocal performance and overall confidence in singing? You'll get three, 8-minute EFT tapping videos to bring awareness to fears that may be preventing you from speaking up and sharing your voice.

  • Tapping to Release Fear of Public Speaking
  • Tapping for Improved Self-Concept
  • Tapping for Improving Self-Confidence

When You Add it All Up, That’s A Total Value of $248 In Bonuses.

I’m super excited to welcome you into the Voice Alchemy family, you’re invited to enroll TODAY for just…



You get 7 days to explore Voice Alchemy. If you don’t love it, I’ll give you a full refund.

Not sure if Voice Alchemy is right for you? Well, I’m giving you one whole weeks to try my method. If you reach out within 7 days after enrollment to let me know that you’re not experiencing any shifts with the program, I’ll happily give you a full refund.

I’m offering this money-back guarantee because I believe so strongly in the contents of The Voice Alchemy Method and I want you to see how transformative this course can be, risk-free.

"...For so long I had been procrastinating recording and putting [my course] out there because I firmly believed no one would be able to sit through an hour of me talking... I finally launched FB ads to this funnel, and people have been listening to my training and booking calls with me. I feel good about speaking and not letting it hold me back in my biz anymore!!"

Relationship Coach

"I'd been procrastinating, stopping & starting creating videos...."

"I'd been procrastinating, stopping and starting creating videos for an automated funnel I'd invested in setting up for my biz that I knew was going to help move me forward to where I needed to get to and make my life easier. But my anxiety and self-consciousness around speaking was holding me back. I literally had so much self-hate around how I sounded. I would stop and start recordings as soon as I made a mistake even though I had slides and notes to present from, and then I'd beat myself up afterwards when I listened back to it and self-sabotage the whole thing in feeling 'ready' to finish everything and put it out there. This went on for about a year.

Around the time I did Nina's course, I was determined to finally finish recording all the videos I needed to. I loved how Nina broke it down into bite sized daily videos, and made things literally feel sooooo simple and easy and not make speaking this big complicated thing. I felt a huge shift in being able to just press record and not stop until I was finished, just feeling so much calmer, and kinder to myself, that I was doing the best I could and that was good enough, even if I did make mistakes, paused for a bit, etc. I'm a huge huge perfectionist so this was huge for me... AND to not be able to get anxiety afterwards, and actually feel good about putting it out there! I finally launched FB ads to this funnel, and people have been listening to my training and booking calls with me.

For so long I had been procrastinating recording and putting it out there because I firmly believed no one would be able to sit through an hour of me talking (lol)...but now i actually feel good about it all! This is so huge for me so thank you so so much Nina! You really gave me a shift that felt subtle but powerful and I feel good about speaking and not letting it hold me back in my biz anymore!!

So who am I, anyway?

And how did I figure out this system?

I'm your teacher, Nina Elise!

Looking at all these photos of joyful, playful and adventurous me lead you to believe otherwise...

...I haven’t always had glowing confidence.

Just a few years back, I was working at a job and in a relationship where I did not feel seen or heard.

My actual skills and gifts went unnoticed
and unappreciated, and I didn’t feel safe to speak what I was feeling or thinking.

Within 6 months, the relationship ended
and I was let go from my job. I couldn’t even support myself financially, and I went to live with family for a few months to get back on my feet.

And times.were.tough.

I remember I was trying to be a better partner, to start my business, but it all seemed to be failing.

I remember struggling with trusting myself and my abilities, and my self-worth.

I remember feeling so tired, defeated, and trapped.

I remember starting to do meditation, journaling, and more—hoping it would turn my life around.

In the beginning, it felt like doing this type of inner work only worked for a few select people. (And that I wasn't one of them.)

But then, things changed.

When I hit rock bottom, I was forced to begin listening to myself, and learn how to love myself and communicate with my voice.

I realized that everything external was just a reflection of my internal beliefs, and it wasn't anyone or anything else preventing me from sharing or speaking my voice.

It was all me.

I started going inward and did inner child and shadow work. I was able to face head-on the underlying fears that were preventing me from speaking confidently.

I remember thinking, “Whoa. MY voice!”

I suddenly realized that I needed to be fearless in sharing my voice, truth, desires and needs.

I felt like I discovered something, so I doubled down and focused on improving my voice. I then used this method to gain the courage to start a podcast and create more speaking videos on YouTube.

This cost me tens of thousands of dollars traveling, working with specialists, taking classes, doing somatic work, plus hundreds of hours studying and learning different techniques and tools...

Because, in order to truly empower myself by improving my voice, I had to develop a method.

A method that you can start seeing results right away.

An embodied, holistic method that will teach you how to bypass the level of confidence you initially desired!

A method that understands MY unique traits and abilities, instead of trying a one-size fits all approach.

Yes. I’m giving you THAT method.

Voice Alchemy.

And I can’t wait to share it with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

At this point, you might be feeling excited, knowing that Voice Alchemy will help you strengthen your vocal abilities and confidence.

But it wouldn't be surprising if you are also feeling a bit unsure about whether this system will work for you.

(It’s human nature to worry just before making a big, transformative change!).

So in case you’re feeling nervous, let me clear up some of the questions you might have right now...

What if I've never taken vocal training before?

This course was created with everyone in mind! Whether you are just starting out (like I was when I first started playing the guitar 8 years ago), or someone who has been working on improving their voice for awhile, all will receive INCREDIBLE benefits from this course.

The vocal exercises are gentle and beneficial for all levels - you'll even find voice coaches and professionals using these SAME exercises to train and maintain the health of their vocal chords, every day.

Paired with the energetic and mechanical exercises included in the course, you will notice a difference in the way you sound by the end of the 14 days!

Is this course for me if I don't know anything about Chakras?

YES! I provide an easy-to-understand breakdown of the energetics of the voice, including the throat Chakra.

You'll find a description of how and why each daily exercise impacts your voice from a physical, energetic, and mechanical perspective. Understanding this helps you practice the exercises with more intention, allowing you to integrate the information more quickly.

Can I take this course without any prior knowledge of Human Design?

YES! Human Design is a small part of the course that help you understand the mechanics of the voice. I provide a breakdown of the throat center in Human Design, so you will understand the basics by the end of the first module.

However, if you would like a more thorough understanding of your design before taking the course, you can download a FREE 45+ page report of your unique Human Design here.

What's the time commitment?

Each video is anywhere from 2-10 minutes – the average being 5 minutes with guided journal prompts and activities. I recommend doing 1 class a day, depending on your current time schedule.

The entire course itself is 2 weeks. The daily exercises are so simple, that you'll find yourself doing them on your own, even after you've completed the course :)

How long will it take before I can see/hear results?

You can start seeing smaller results right away, and the biggest results by the end of the 2 weeks. If you continue on with the exercises, you can bypass the level of confidence you initially desired!

Remember that individual results may vary, and largely depend on your commitment & consistency with completing the daily journal prompts & activities.

What if it doesn’t work?

This program comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t love it, I’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked. If you stick to The Voice Alchemy program, I’m confident you’ll be blown away by the results!

Have another question?

Shoot me a note! I’d love to answer any questions you may have.

After completing Voice Alchemy, you'll...

  • Have TONS of new subscribers who are excited to listen to your next podcast and watch your latest videos.
  • Finally stop feeling invisible at work, because now you have a team of colleagues who LOVE to hear your ideas and are excited to get them implemented.
  • Have the confidence to always speak your truth to your partner, so you can show up authentically and deepen your bond.
  • No longer feel shy and insecure around talking to others or in front of a camera because Voice Alchemy will teach you everything you need to know, step-by-step.
  • Finally understand what makes YOUR voice unique and know how to leverage your unique vocal range and human design type to not only improve your vocal chord strength, but also to develop a deeper trust in your singing...and yourself.

Ready to get the step-by-step system to improve your voice and confidence?

What a beautiful course Nina put together! It’s practical and hands-on and I bet you will discover so many new things! The vocal exercises were great – no matter if your goal is to sing or speak in public, lead Zoom sessions or do a live on social. I’m an introvert and speaking (let alone singing!) in front of others or a camera is a challenge not easy to overcome. In this course, I’ve learned how to shift my mindset around speaking in public, and I’m far less judgemental about how I look and sound. I never knew how important it was to prepare my vocal cords, and I got lots of practical tools to ground myself and feel relaxed. I love that the content of the course builds on itself and it’s easy to fit into my schedule. I’ve always wanted to launch a podcast but fear of sharing my voice was holding me back – now I’m empowered with so many tools that I’ve shifted from fear to excitement and can’t wait to get started after holding myself back for years!"

Self-Love Coach

Ready to get the step-by-step system to unleash a stronger, more confident voice?

Voice Alchemy Will Guide You There.



The voice alchemy course was helpful in me understanding my own voice on a body, mind, and spirit level. I have been familiar with shadow and energy work but Nina's course helped me touch base with my voice in my physical body. It helped me understand the importance of the physiology in how our throat muscles and voice works. I found the exercises helpful to build up my voice and speak with more power and confidence. I also enjoyed the journaling prompts and Bonus energy work EFT tapping and anchoring videos. You can tell by her content and energy that Nina is very passionate about helping others find their voice and step into their power. Very thankful to have found her!"